Creative Agency Partnership

Creative agencies can rest assured that you have a strategic partner for media planning and buying in Media Place Partners. Agencies can either white label our media services, or our media specialists can work in the spotlight with you.


Let Media Place Partners Help Your Creative Agency With:

Request for proposals (RFP)
Don't get hung up when an RFP calls for media buying services. Media Place Partners provides your agency the appropriate services, content, and costs for that RFP you're dying to go after.


Pitches and presentations

Whether you need Media Place Partners to provide you with a pitch and presentation or to give the client presentation, our media experts have the experience it takes to ensure success.

Media research

With access to industry data as well as the industry's leading software, Media Place Partners' experts roll up their sleeves and uncover all the information needed to effectively plan and buy your clients' advertising space.

Media budget projections

Before you can launch an efficient media buying campaign, you have to know the costs. Media Place Partners takes into account all that research we do, combines it with your client's marketing goals, then forecasts the costs of the media buy.

Media planning and buying

No matter how big or small your client, Media Place Partners plans and buys media across all mediums. From radio to TV to digital, we have your local, regional, and national clients covered.


Media Place Partners has been in the business long enough to have substantial influence when it comes to buying media space for your agency's clients. We understand the media market space, and we're not afraid to use our knowledge and experience to get the best space for the best rate.

Budget management + audit and reconciliation

Media Place Partners wants to ensure you get what you pay for. Not only will we study your clients' budgets with a miser's eye, but we'll also audit and reconcile that multitude of invoices that roll in each month.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your client's media campaign is in place, but if no one can find their website they lose out on leads. Media Place Partners can help your clients get a solid SEO strategy in place to shore up the success of a big advertising spend.

Paid search

Establish or enhance your client's digital footprint with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Using search engine and display networks, as well as social media platforms, Media Place Partners will put in place a campaign to increase your client's online presence and to nurture  their leads.

Post-buy analytics

No matter the size, your clients need to know how well they've spent their budget. Media Place Partners analyzes and delivers the effectiveness of your clients' campaigns so they can adjust strategy, as needed.

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