Media Buying Experts At-Large

At Media Place Partners, we know when we say things like leverage and facilitate the competition that sounds like a lot of blah, blah, blah.

But trust us, leverage and facilitate are two things we do best.


Media Place Partners has been in the business long enough to have some sway. The depth and breadth of our media buying experience means we know all the players and the rules of the game, which we use time and again to our clients' advantage.

Used in a sentence: Media Place partners has limitless leverage in the media marketplace to ensure our clients receive excellent rates and effective ad space.


Facilitating the competition is a useful tool in media buying. When our media buying experts are shopping for ad space, we make sure everyone works in integrity. Some media vendors like to sell you what they want to sell you, not necessarily what you need. Used in a sentence: Media Place Partners facilitates the competition so media buys take place on our client's terms, not the media rep's terms.


Advertisers & Creative Agencies

Is your staff a little lean when it comes to media buying and planning? Given the complexities of media services, media and audience fragmentation, and squeezed budgets, it can make sense to partner up as advertising campaigns call for it. Experienced in working with both marketers and creative agencies, Media Place Partners can join you as an extension of your team, either behind the scenes or standing tall beside you.

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