Billboard Advertising / OOH Advertising

What’s big, bold, and can’t be skipped? Out–of–Home (OOH) / Billboard advertising, the tried-and-true form of traditional media found on billboards, digital displays, public transit, park benches, bus stops, and more. Although OOH / Billboard advertising may seem old-fashioned, it’s far from obsolete, and could serve as a crucial part of your full-funnel media plan. In fact, many businesses continue to add OOH to their media mix, with advertising revenue growing by over 23% in the past decade. Today’s OOH advertising is continually evolving to deliver more engaging, immersive, and effective connections with consumers.

OOH Drives Action


of consumers who saw a billboard noticed the ad message


of consumers searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad


of consumers who saw a directional OOH ad immediately visited the advertised business

Source: Nielsen

How To Purchase OOH / Billboard Advertisments

It’s true that nearly anyone can buy space on a billboard, but there’s more to it than designing an ad and deciding where it should go. Advertising on a billboard, or any type of OOH space, takes some understanding of how the industry works.

Finding a Vendor

OOH advertising space, like billboards or public transit kiosks, are typically owned by vendors that rent the space to advertisers. A majority of inventory is owned by large vendors, although smaller vendors may own some regional boards. MPP’s traditional advertising team has longstanding relationships with many of these vendors, taking the guesswork out of figuring out who owns each OOH placement.

Strategic Planning

A great deal of strategic planning goes into choosing the best OOH placements for your campaign. MPP’s team has access to important information about each board, such as the vendor unit number and board impressions, and a Google street view that provides a virtual drive-by.

OOH Advertising is Measureable

OOH advertising is generally found in highly trafficked areas, which can significantly increase your reach. Unlike digital advertising methods, which can display metrics in dashboards, the effectiveness of OOH advertising is often measured using demographics and psychographics. Since these ads are heavily location-based, MPP’s traditional media team takes into consideration where they are placed to have the most significant impact. Below are a few ways we determine the performance of OOH ads:

OOH impressions


Impression figures can take into account elements like circulation, an estimate of the total volume of traffic that has passed a display. Other impression figures include census data, travel surveys, and data modeling. 

OOH Demographics


This information comes from the latest censuses and travel surveys. These are modeled into millions of trip paths to understand whom your ad is reaching.

OOH digital trails

Digital Trails

Promo codes, links, social media accounts, and other online information featured on your ad’s message can be tracked to see how frequently people are visiting these since your OOH advertisements have been live.

The Future of Out-of-Home

It’s no surprise that OutofHome is going digital. Digital OutofHome media (DOOH) offers dynamic and interactive content delivery. With DOOH, advertisers have the ability to change creatives dynamically based on anything from current weather conditions to flight arrivals. This exciting new technology is driving much of the growth in the OOH space.  

The future of OOH

Is Out-Of-Home / Billboard Advertising a Good Choice For My Business?

OOH / Billboard advertising is bold, 100% in-view, and can be a great way to break through the advertising clutter. It intersects with consumer’s lives at all times of day, making it an excellent marketing tool for generating awareness. What else is OOH good at?

OOH drives action

OOH Advertising Drives Action

The stats don’t lie. Nearly two-thirds of OOH viewers have taken action after seeing an OOH advertisement. This includes going to an advertised business, visiting a website, making an online search, and more.

OOH is innovative.

OOH Advertising is Innovative

Digitization has revolutionized the OOH advertising landscape. Consumers can engage with your brand in new and exciting ways using DOOH technology.

OOH is brand safe

OOH Advertising is Brand Safe

Marketers have control over where billboards and other OOH advertisements are placed, keeping your message in a brand-safe environment.

Media Place Partners is unmatched in integrating effective outdoor advertising into your marketing plan. MPP’s traditional advertising team has planned and purchased outdoor media across the country for over three decades. Our experience, combined with state-of-the-art tools, delivers efficient, effective OOH campaigns that work seamlessly with your other advertising strategies.

MPP helps clients across a wide array of industries design, buy, and place OOH media. We can help you too.

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