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Where do businesses turn when looking for an impactful, visual way to reach their customers? Print advertising. In this highly digitized world, you may be surprised to learn that print remains a major player in many media strategies. Print advertising is any physical advertisement in printed media, such as newspapers, magazines, posters, and direct mail. MPP’s traditional advertising team has extensive experience in placing print ads where your target audience is reading.

Print Advertising’s Powerful Audience

Newspapers and magazines are flagships of the print world and cover a wide bench of topics in local, regional, and national publications. Consumer magazines cover a variety of interests, including sports, hobbies, fashion, health, current affairs, and local topics. Trade and business magazines are tailored for specific industries, such as finance or tech. You can target your target audience based on the publications they are most likely reading. 

Print marketing with MPP

Magazine Readership Remains Steady

Magazine readership is steady across generations. According to MNI, Baby Boomers read 9.2 magazines per month, Gen Xers read 9.1, and Millennials read 8.9.

Source: MNI

Effectively Using Print In Media Strategy

To have a successful print campaign, it can’t be treated as a stand-alone advertising method – it needs to complement your other strategies. Digital and print advertising should work hand-in-hand with each other. Below are two ways to incorporate these strategies in a holistic way.

Print provides consistent branding

Consistent Branding

Keep branding consistent across traditional and digital platforms to maintain brand awareness. This includes everything from imagery, to color, to writing style. 

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Add Digital Elements

Adding a call to action, URL, social handle, or hashtag can tie printed pieces back to digital campaigns.

Is Print Advertising a Good Choice For My Business?

Print continues to be an important part of full-funnel marketing plans. It’s important to diversify your marketing tactics to truly make a lasting impression on your audience. Some advantages of print advertising are:

Print advertising provides selective targeting

Selective Targeting

Print ads are placed in specific publications of your choosing, targeting your audience based on their interests.

Print advertising has high audience engagement.

High Audience Engagement

Science has shown that people slow down to read print, allowing them to process the content with greater engagement and focus.

Print advertising promotes confidence through trusted venues.


These days, everyone is competing for your consumers’ attention. Print ads are straightforward and viewed as a trustworthy source of marketing information.

Incorporating print advertising into your media mix expands the touchpoints you have with your target audience, not just when they’re online. At MPP, we put print ads where your audience is reading. Without traditional methods, you could be missing out on an important piece of your ideal audience.

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