Marketing Strategy Services

Looking to elevate your marketing efforts? Our marketing strategy services are designed to help your business reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. The expert team at MPP handcrafts scalable, ROI-driven advertising campaigns, that deliver sustainable growth driving results. Discover the power of a tailored marketing strategy services and unlock your business’s full potential with Media Place Partners.

Our Marketing Strategy Services

At MPP, we believe that crafting winning marketing strategies is an art. Our dedicated team of experts combines their industry knowledge, creativity, and strategic thinking to develop customized approaches that drive results. We take the time to fully understand your business, goals, and audience, ensuring that our marketing strategy services are tailored to your unique needs. As a partner in your success, we work alongside you to create impactful campaigns that reach the your audience at every point in the funnel. Trust our proven process to elevate your brand and achieve your marketing objectives.

Dive into each section to learn more about our marketing strategy process.

Marketing Strategy Services - Discovery


Discovery is a key element to successful campaigns and an integral part of MPP marketing strategy services.  We ask questions and dig deep with you for answers so we better understand :

  • What you do
  • Your expectations
  • How you talk to customers
  • Campaign goals
  • Your target audience
  • Current marketing strategies
  • And everything in-between
Marketing Strategy Services - Media Planning

Media Planning

What is learned in discovery plays a substantial role in planning the media mix and budget allocation for your account and campaigns. When combined with additional research, MPP provides more accurate and informed :

  • Audience analysis
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Goal-oriented strategy review
  • Media mix selection
  • Targeting selection
  • Pixel and tracking strategy
Marketing Strategy Services - Media Planning
Marketing Strategy Services - Media Buying

Media Buying

With an approved plan, the MPP team is ready to move into the math and magic of Media Buying.  We put your plan into action, negotiating the placements and ensuring the time and space are reserved and ready when you campaign launches.

Marketing Strategy Services - Logistics and Trafficking

Campaign Logistics

Professional campaign logistics protect your paid media investment through careful and thoughtful :

  • Monitoring and delivery across ad exchanges
  • Scheduling flight dates and times
  • Ensuring creative assets follow best practices
  • Sending creative to vendors

We use strict processes with error protection and oversight to ensure that no part of your marketing strategy and advertising campaign is overlooked!

Marketing Strategy Services - Logistics and Trafficking
Marketing Strategy Services - Campaign Optimization

Account Management

After your campaign takes flight, the MPP Account Management crew takes over. Your digital marketing strategies are monitored by our team, with key takeaways and optimizations shared with you. Traditional channels are monitored to ensure segments are playing as scheduled. If a campaign is underperforming, we move budget to where things are working and take away from where they aren’t.

HelloMPP advanced campaign analytics logo

Advanced Analytics

All MPP partners are provided access to our client portal called HelloMPP.  This online dashboard is where all your campaign information lives, where you can place orders, submit help tickets, and of course monitor campaign performance.  Digital campaign data is refreshed every 24 hours, so you always have up-to-date information on campaign performance and KPI progress. In addition to our online reporting system, custom reports can be created on an as-needed basis, so you are always in the know.

HelloMPP advanced campaign analytics logo

Measuring Success

Every step of our marketing strategy services plays an important role in the success of each campaign. We invite you to experience the difference of thoughtful strategy backed by proven process.

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