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Every museum, theatre, art gallery, ballet, and sports venue is one in a million. You’ve spent thousands of hours and countless dollars to craft an experience like no other. You deserve a marketing partner that understands the space, appreciates your value beyond media spend, and relishes the joy that comes with sharing art and entertainment. Say hello to MPP.

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Entertainment marketing is in our DNA. From our first client who was a well-known cartoonist and animator to drawing crowds at LMCU Ballpark, MPP has helped put more butts in venue seats and eyeballs on art than any firm in West Michigan. We know sell outs don’t happen by accident. Entertainment marketing takes meticulous strategy, careful planning, and flawless execution. We’ve done it time and again both locally and in markets across the US. Get the results your hard work and dedication deserve like these fine partners do:

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West Michigan Whitecaps Case Study

See how MPP helped the West Michigan Whitecaps sell out hospitality areas, suites, decks, and tables for the 2022 season.

Entertainment marketing challenges and solutions

Cultural entertainment attractions like museums, theatres, art galleries, and the performing arts are vibrant hubs of learning, creativity, and community across the country. If you’re in this industry, you’ve probably been tasked with increasing ticket sales, memberships, and community engagement. To reach your goals faster and take marketing tasks off your plate, partnering with an agency with experience in entertainment marketing might be the best step forward. MPP tackles common entertainment marketing challenges like:

theatre entertainment marketing

Showing the value of an experiential purchase

Unlike a pair of shoes or a coffee mug, cultural attractions are experiential purchases. You’re selling a life experience. Although you know what makes your museum awesome, the average person may not. Translating this feeling into value for consumers can be a tough task!

MPP can help digitize your experiential value. We do this by defining your target audience into segments and runing creatives that resonate with each group. Your marketing for school field trip packages vs couples looking for a date night should be quite different! Showing the right message to the right people is a cornerstone of a solid marketing strategy.

Along with strategic marketing segmentation and placements, we make landing page recommendations for optimal conversions, can help brainstorm new messaging and creative treatment with creative co-labs, and always look for fresh ways to enhance your marketing mix.

split entertainment marketing campaigns are a challenge

Fractured entertainment marketing plans

While many people may learn about your special exhibition or show from a friend or passing by your entrance, most people’s experiences begin with an online search. And if you don’t have a strong virtual presence, you lose potential customers who are actively looking for exactly what you offer. These days, your competition all have social media and websites. Just because you’re on these platforms, doesn’t mean people are visiting or finding you. To stand out, you’ll need to put in a little more legwork. 

Getting everyone on board with a holistic marketing strategy is just the first step to standing out. MPP uses a strategic blend of digital marketing and traditional marketing channels to bring your business in front of as many eyes as possible. From big, bold billboards announcing your latest show to Instagram ads promoting special events, our marketing campaigns curate interest, connection, and engagement. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you reach your goals:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads capture the intent of people searching for your business or searches relating to your business, giving that extra push to get them through your doors.
  • Retargeting ads that appear to users who have shown interest by visiting your site or landing page.
  • Geotargeting so when people are within your radius, your ads appear in search results and on social media.
lack of brand awareness is an entertainment marketing challenge

Lacking brand awareness

Many cultural institutions like museums, theatres, and symphonies have a deep history. However, just because you have decades behind your name doesn’t mean you should skimp on creating and maintaining brand awareness.

MPP builds awareness campaigns that enhance brand recognition and credibility. This goes beyond a simple logo redesign or advertising a new exhibition. Effective awareness campaigns establish a genuine bond with your target audience, keeping your name in front of them, wherever they are. Good awareness campaigns can help achieve your goals in the long run – from attracting funding and support to establishing visitor loyalty. This is pivotal to your growth and longevity.

How our process works.

discovery is the first step in our finance marketing process


This high level meeting sets the stage for everything. We dive into your audience, competitors, goals, previous efforts, and more.

When to rebrand your business: You're not attracting the right customers

Strategic sessions and creative co-labs

MPP takes you through workshops to draw out the knowledge inside your team. Buying triggers, barriers, motivators, messaging, and creative ideation are on the menu.

MPP offers expert finance marketing recommendations

Expert entertainment marketing recommendations

Our market and competitive research is compiled into a brief that details our preliminary marketing recommendations.

MPP puts our finance marketing expertise to work

We get to work

We optimize and analyze ongoing marketing efforts to reduce your costs, increase your conversions, and improve your campaign reach.

Grow with us.

Let’s inspire curiosity, spread joy, and bridge the gap between cultural attractions and visitors together. MPP’s strategic entertainment marketing campaigns deliver culture, history, art, and unique experiences while building an unforgettable brand.

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