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Display advertising is a fancy name for banner ads – yes, those banner ads, the ones you see all over the internet. Simply put, a banner ad (or a web banner) is an advertisement displayed on a web page. Chances are you’ve seen a few – display ads appear across more than 2 million websites and more than 650,000 apps on the Google Display Network. That’s just Google. There are many other exchanges, as well as direct deals with website publishers.

The Evolution of Display Ads

When banner ads made their debut on the internet, they came in one form –  simple static images. These days, businesses with an online presence need more than a standard banner ad to stand out in a competitive market. Display advertising, as we once knew it, has evolved. Modern banner ads come in a variety of eye-catching shapes, sizes, and formats, from videos, to animated graphics, to interactive HTML5. They appear on social network newsfeeds and on websites you like to browse, blending seamlessly into the content you consume online.


Did you know? Google’s Display Network reaches 90% of all internet users worldwide.

Source: Google

The Rise of Mobile Display Advertising

As we continue to shift into a mobile-first world, it’s no surprise that mobile display advertising continues to outpace desktop. In fact, mobile digital advertising is expected to grow from $144 billion in 2022 to $750.21 billion worldwide by 2030. This doesn’t mean you should only stick with mobile advertising. One of display advertising’s best features is its ability to follow users across devices, whether they’re on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Advertising across all devices ensures you’re in front of your target audience at every stage of their buying journey.

Display Advertising is Data Driven

Your banner ads are designed with a compelling call to action and your target audience has been strategically selected…now what? What happens when a campaign goes live? Once a display advertising campaign launches, MPP’s digital strategists crunch numbers and aggregate data behind the scenes. They analyze what’s working, and over time, tweak anything that needs adjusting. The beauty of display ads is the ability to measure their effectiveness with data. One of the ways display advertising’s effectiveness is measured is with CTR.

CTR SEM Marketing

What’s The Buzz About CTR?

Click-through-rate (CTR) is a significant metric for measuring display ad performance. Simply put, CTR measures how often people who see an ad click on it. This gives a good indication of how engaged your target audience is with your ad. Advertisers can control and change imagery, ad positioning, copy, and many other elements that impact CTR.

Benefits of Display Advertising

Display ads appear on websites all across the internet. Depending on your marketing goals, display ads may play an important role in your marketing strategy. What are display ads good at?

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Display ads are visually rich. Done well, they can command attention and create memorable experiences for users.

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Display creates initial interest. Whereas search focuses on intent, display introduces your brand. Display ads have a very high reach and can be seen by a very large audience.

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Display advertising is easily trackable. By design, you’re able to track several metrics on your display campaigns.

website retargeting is a way retargeting ads work


Display has excellent targeting options. Certain targeting options aren’t available through other methods. This includes topic, interest, and of course re-marketing.

Is Display Advertising a Good Choice for my Business?

Display plays well with other marketing strategies. Consider display as part of your marketing mix when:
  • Your sales process is long.
  • Your brand needs awareness and attention.
  • Your audience coalesces around a topic or affinity.
  • You need remarketing.

When it comes to marketing strategy, remember that everything has its place. If you overly focus on the bottom of the funnel, the top will eventually run dry. Think full-funnel. Display advertising shines at the top of the funnel but can also be a strong converter when you add retargeting.


of campaigns see a lift in conversions when users conduct a search related to a display ad on average.

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