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Masters in education marketing.

Everything about your school is unique. From your brand and colors to the storied hallways and brilliant educators molding minds, you never accept second best. Why then settle for mediocre marketing in a sea of sameness? At MPP, you won’t.

We get it, because we’ve done it.

We’ve been passionate about helping universities, colleges, and other educational institutions fulfill their mission for decades. Whether you’re aiming to increase enrollment, raise awareness about your programs, engage with students or families, or discovering new ways to tell your story, MPP can. The secret lies in the close collaboration with your team that leads to unique education marketing strategies that meet your goals and reflect your values. MPP is for schools interested in real strategy, fresh ideas, and looking beyond just running ads to real campaigns that move the needle. Schools like these:

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University of Notre Dame Case Study

University of Notre Dame Case Study

Notre Dame’s downtown Chicago campus required a unique multi-channel marketing approach to boost awareness and increase enrollment.

Education marketing challenges and solutions

Today’s educational organizations face a unique set of marketing challenges. Enrollment trends are shifting, expectations are increasing, and virtual learning experiences are creating new opportunities for students. We know to stay competitive you need to stay ahead of the curve – and we can help you do that. For every educational marketing challenge you face, MPP brings a solution to the table.

siloed education campaigns create confusion

Siloed education marketing strategies

Education marketing efforts often operate in isolation from other departments. This leads to misaligned messages and a disjointed perception of your institution. A disconnect between marketing can also hinder the effectiveness of communicating a program’s value proposition. Sometimes, you’re in so deep that you may not even realize how fractured your marketing is.

MPP works hard to get everyone on the same page. We foster collaboration and break down siloed marketing strategies to tell your story with one unified voice. Branding and messaging are consistent across channels and reporting is available in one unified place, so you know exactly how campaigns are performing. Discover important campaign insights in HelloMPP.

keeping up with education marketing trends

Keeping up with the education marketing landscape

The education landscape is constantly shifting, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. Institutions need to stay ahead of the curve to attract tech-savvy students. However, knowing about trends is only one slice of the pie. It’s more important to use this technology the right way to get in front of the right people.

Want to shake things up? MPP has purchased media for over two decades and has the tools and platforms to experiment with new technologies. Explore virtual tours, interactive content formats, and personalized learning experiences. We keep you informed about industry trends and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

education marketing campaigns should be unique

Muddled education marketing ideas

Is your brand lost in a sea of similar looking education marketing campaigns? Our clients run into this challenge time and time again. We create effective marketing campaigns with compelling content that inspires your audience to take action. We use your brand’s distinct voice to connect with each audience member on their level and show them how your institution can meet their specific needs.

How our education marketing process works.

discovery is the first step in our finance marketing process


This high-level meeting sets the stage for everything. We dive into your audience, competitors, goals, previous efforts, and more.

When to rebrand your business: You're not attracting the right customers

Strategic sessions and creative co-labs

MPP takes you through workshops to draw out the knowledge inside your team. Buying triggers, barriers, motivators, messaging, and creative ideation are on the menu.

MPP offers expert finance marketing recommendations

Expert education marketing recommendations

Our market and competitive research is compiled into a brief that details our preliminary marketing recommendations.

MPP puts our finance marketing expertise to work

We get to work

We optimize and analyze ongoing marketing efforts to reduce your costs, increase your conversions, and improve your campaign reach.

Grow with us.

In the competitive world of education, effective marketing is no longer optional – it’s a necessity for sustainable success. Step up your game, embrace the challenges, and work with a partner that’s rooting for you.

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