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Full coverage marketing strategy.

Nurture customer relationships, tailor your campaigns for specific types of customers, and proactively enhance your brand value with insurance marketing strategies from MPP.

Silence is expensive.

Marketing is your megaphone, your bullhorn, your ticket to the top. Show us an an insurance agency consistently running targeted ads and providing valuable content, and we’ll show you and agency people perceive as proactive, knowledgable, and yes, even likable. Think about it: who are you trying to reach? Young families buying their first home? Entreprenuers protecting their business? Boomers nearing retirement? A proven marketing strategy from MPP lets you laser-target these audiences with surgical precision. Paid media builds trust and we’ve helped hundreds of agents across the USA do just that. Are you next?

Auto-Owners Insurance Case Study

Insurance marketing amplified.

See how MPP partnered with powerhouse Auto-Owners Insurance to streamline their co-op program, simplify the ordering process, and remove the heavy lifting of campaign execution from the AOI team in this unique case study.

insurance marketing has many challenges

Insurance marketing challenges

When your product is insurance you need an agency who understands the unique challenges you face.  MPP has executed thousands of insurance campaigns across the country for agencies of all sizes. Here’s what we see as the top challenges facing insurance agents today:

  • Differentiation: It’s a sea of sameness out there. To the potential customer are you just another suit selling policies or are you something more? MPP helps you craft messages and campaigns that tell your unique story through words and visuals to help you rise above the noise and get noticed.
  • Building trust in a distrustful market: Insurance can be complex, confusing, and sometimes viewed as unfair. This leads to skepticism among your potential customers. As an agent, you must build trust and establish yourself as a reliable advisor through clear product explanations, customer testimonials, and by providing valuable educational content. MPP helps you position yourself as a thought leader in the industry and build trust with customers through content ideas, customer journey optimization, and appropriate promotion.
  • Reaching the right audience: Laser focused messaging and award winning creative mean nothing if the right people don’t see it. Most agents struggle with getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. MPP has decades of experience in traditional media as well as programmatic. Our specialty is finding your audience and putting your finely tuned campaign front and center. We provide a plan that selects the platforms that resonate with your individual audiences and is authentic to your brand.
MPP offer insurance marketing solutions

MPP’s insurance marketing solutions

MPP offers comprehensive digital and traditional insurance marketing solutions to tell your story and build your brand. Core marketing services include:

  • Full-funnel insurance marketing strategy: Be in front of potential customers when they are searching for insurance policies with full-channel marketing and communication strategies across digital and traditional platforms.
  • Expert media planning: Our expert media planners conduct audience and marketplace analysis to ensure your budget is spent in the right places on the right channels. MPP takes care of everything from pixel placement and tracking strategies, to media selection and buying, so you can focus your efforts on where you shine.
  • Data-driven insights: Our analytics software, HelloMPP, streamlines info sharing and aligns organizational goals in one full-service portal. See results for each strategy and tactic deployed.
  • A personalized approach: Acquire and grow policyholder relationships through personalized insurance marketing that speaks directly to their needs. MPP chooses the right platforms and the right tools to reach your audience, when they’re searching for insurance products.
  • And more: Our marketing strategy services encompass everything you need for a successful marketing campaign. Discover everything we use to equip your brand for success. 

How our insurance marketing process works.

discovery is the first step in our finance marketing process


This high level meeting sets the stage for everything. We dive into your audience, competitors, goals, previous efforts, and more.

When to rebrand your business: You're not attracting the right customers

Strategic sessions and creative co-labs

MPP takes you through workshops to draw out the knowledge inside your team. Buying triggers, barriers, motivators, messaging, and creative ideation are on the menu.

MPP offers expert finance marketing recommendations

Expert insurance marketing recommendations

Our market and competitive research is compiled into a brief that details our preliminary marketing recommendations.

MPP puts our finance marketing expertise to work

We get to work

We optimize and analyze ongoing marketing efforts to reduce your costs, increase your conversions, and improve your campaign reach.

Telling your story to the right people.

In a cluttered and complex insurance landscape, cut through the noise with MPP. Our data-driven approach, deep industry knowledge, and hyper-focused targeting mean your campaigns are driving leads and growing your agency.

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