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From our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Media Place Partners has been quietly delivering expertly crafted media plans and precise execution for clients just like you for nearly two decades. Top brands and institutions love our unique holistic approach, our unmatched expertise across both traditional and digital media, our transparent pricing, and knowing we’re right in their backyard.

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Why do more and more brands trust MPP with their advertising budgets?

Here are 3 of the many reasons companies make MPP their choice.

1. The Holistic Approach

Media Place Partners’ nearly two decades of expertise spans the entire advertising ecosystem. Our experience includes both digital and traditional advertising media as well as the understanding of how an ever-changing selection of channels work together to reach your audience. But being holistic doesn’t stop at media types and channels. Real media planning means considering not only your goals, but how you do business, how you talk to your customers, and what the journey to purchase looks like. Those intangibles inform our planning and deliver successful campaigns to companies just like yours every single day. For over 10 years, MPP has helped Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park reach their audience at the right time, in the right place. We can do the same for you.

2. Transparency

You deserve to know what you’re spending on media. At Media Place Partners, you will. We perform all work in-house and fully disclose our commission rates on all media spend up front. MPP leverages your budget towards the cost of media, improving reach and frequency and delivering outstanding campaign performance. Unpacking media spend, particularly with digital advertising, is a challenging and difficult conversation for most agencies. That’s because the vast majority of agencies do not disclose their commissions on your media buy, or disclose only part of the commissions. The reality is an industry average of 50-85% of undisclosed margin on top of the cost of media. Some typical scenarios include:
  • Billing on an impression basis. Agencies using this model buy impressions at incredibly low rates, then sell them as high as possible to you, pocketing the difference. They still deliver on their impression volume, but clients are unaware of how their money was spent.
  • Vending out the backdoor. Clients are attracted to seemingly great margin of 10 – 15%. In reality, the agency can’t do the work in-house, so they send it to a third party. That third party takes undisclosed commissions on the media spend. In the end, only 15-50% of media spend is actually being spent on media.
The bottom line – our approach works. More money spent on media yields better performance, plus you have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re spending.  In head-to-head tests, MPP outperforms competitors in both impression volume and clickthroughs.
4-5x Impression Volume
2-5x Clickthrough

3. Location

Media Place Partners is headquartered in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. That’s over 45 advertising professionals at one of the largest independent media agencies in the Midwest, right in your backyard. No driving to Chicago or Detroit. No long, expensive trips to New York or LA. We’re a quick drive away, whether that means we come to you, or you visit our offices. With Media Place Partners, you get the expertise and horsepower of a Madison Avenue agency, but with the sensibilities of Midwest natives. We speak the language, we know the market, and it shows in campaign performance. We invite you to visit our offices and have a drink on us. We’ll introduce you to the team that will take your advertising to the next level.

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