Founders Brewing Case Study


Meet Founders Brewing

Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Founders Brewing Company is not your average brewery. Known for producing highly rated and award-winning craft-style ales, they are recognized as one of the top breweries in the world by and create some of’s top 100 beers of the world. As Founders expands distribution and production capabilities, they continue to wow beer drinkers around the globe.

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The Challenge

Despite marketing efforts with their previous agency, Founders was not seeing the results they expected. As Founders began shopping for a potential new marketing partner, they discovered Media Place Partners. MPP was provided with a campaign and objectives for Born & Brewed in Michigan as a test of our service level and capabilities. The goal? Create buzz, attract attention, and sell more beer.


The MPP Solution

To reach a truly targeted audience, MPP knew the ads needed to appeal to the right beer drinkers, not all beer drinkers. After intensive research and meticulous planning, MPP launched a robust OOH campaign paired with a digital component to reinforce the Born & Brewed message.

Once in market, the campaign performed incredibly well. More people were talking about Founders, there was buzz, and most importantly sales were positively affected.

Impressed with the results of the Born & Brewed campaign, Founders expanded MPP’s involvement in its marketing. This resulted in a nationwide operation that facilitated increased brand awareness in new markets, contributing to a heightened market share for Founders as a whole.

founders brewing case study born and brewed fall display ad
founders brewing case study born and brewed display ad
After a major stake of Founders was acquired by Mahou-San Miguel Group, the parent corporation was so impressed with MPP that they requested to have MPP continue marketing efforts and increased budgets.

Over successive years, our collaboration with Founders solved problems and fostered growth, raising awareness and purchases in new and existing markets on a national scale. This partnership also led to the inclusion of new brands under the Mahou USA umbrella and continues to scale. Here’s toasting to success!

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