TikTok Advertising Cheat Sheet


TikTok Advertising Cheat Sheet

TikTok is the ultimate platform for short-form, attention-grabbing videos. Brands can leverage this vibrant space to skyrocket brand awareness and engagement. But just like any other platform, cracking the TikTok code requires the right approach.

Our TikTok advertising cheat sheet cuts through the noise! We’ve analyzed successful campaigns and compiled TikTok’s latest specs to give you the lowdown. From scroll-stopping visuals to the right CTA, this guide ensures your TikTok creatives are up-to-date and designed to grab attention in a flash!

Meet the TikTok advertising cheat sheet

Our cheat sheet will help you ensure that your creatives are:

  • Saved in an acceptable format
  • The proper dimensions and file size – no more blurry images!
  • Optimized for the TikTok platform, taking into account overlays and calls-to-action

Keep this handy cheat sheet at the ready while you create your TikTok creatives, and your ads will be turning heads in no time! Our experts will review and update these best practices on a regular basis, so never fear – we’ve got your back.

TikTok Advertising Cheat Sheet

With this cheat sheet in your arsenal, you’ve got everything you need to design eye-catching creatives that will stop your audience mid-scroll! Check back at this page often as the platforms update their layouts regularly. When they do, we’ll update this page. If you’re looking for other cheat sheet resources, you can find them here.

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