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Sell more product online and in-store, increase loyalty sign-ups, gain repeat customers, drive foot traffic, and boost brand awareness with strategic marketing campaigns from MPP. Your brand deserves the best table, not the one next to the restroom. At MPP, you’re a VIP.

Marketing so good you can taste it.

From working with iconic brands like Founders Brewing to massive grocers like SpartanNash, we’ve learned the secret to food and beverage marketing. There isn’t one. Every single brand we work with requires a different approach because every brand is made up of different ingredients. Only by listening, engaging, collaborating, and getting the magic from your team do we have all we need to make the perfect strategy. One size does not fit all. MPP is for brands that desire an agency who appreciates their unique brand, keeps the ideas fresh, and delivers measurable results. Brands like these trust MPP, you’re in good company.

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SpartanNash Case Study

SpartanNash Case Study

See how MPP helped increase foot traffic for a hiring event by over 200% with effective and highly-targeted campaigns.

Food and beverage marketing challenges and solutions

The food and beverage retail environment is continuously shifting, with new online ordering and delivery options, loyalty programs, and unique promotions disrupting the landscape. To reach your goals faster and take marketing tasks off your plate, partnering with an agency experienced in food and beverage marketing might be the best step forward. MPP tackles common marketing challenges like:

food and beverage marketing is competitive

Increased food and beverage marketing competition

The food and beverage market is saturated with established brands, large chains, discount stores, and online giants like Amazon. Every competitor has access to marketing tools like websites and social media. You know what makes your brand great – so how do you stand out and share this with the world?

Start with a solid full-funnel marketing strategy. Blending online and offline shopping experiences seamlessly is vital to providing a consistent brand experience across all channels. MPP drives conversions using digital and traditional tactics, encouraging customer purchases both in-store and online through paid media. Your brand and products will be seen when people are planning grocery trips, looking for a specific food or beverage, or searching for a restaurant to curb their hunger.

food and beverage marketing must appeal to consumer preferences

Evolving consumer preferences

Food and beverage trends shift constantly, with consumers seeking specific dietary needs, viral products, and convenience demands. Adapting marketing strategies to keep pace can be challenging. With limited time and budget, how do you determine what to focus on?

Although you can make short term gains chasing trends, they come and go. Establishing personalized marketing efforts that appeal to your target audience is key to reaching the right customers. Different target audiences have distinct preferences and wants. MPP finds these audiences, moving them through a customer journey that educates them about your brand, values, and products. Behind the scenes, we’re always seeking opportunities to leverage new technologies or unlock new audiences. We know successful brands are flexible and adapt to changes – so we do when it makes sense for your brand and budget.

data overload can be a challenge

Data overload

Customer data is an invaluable resource in food and beverage marketing. If you’re not tracking customer data, you’re missing out on valuable information. If you are tracking data, you need to know how to take it and use it to understand shopper behavior and implement it in your marketing tactics and messaging.

Our advanced analytics software, HelloMPP, streamlines info-sharing and aligns organizational goals in one full-service portal. See insights for each strategy and tactic deployed. We analyze your data, experiment with different strategies, and refine your approach based on what resonates with your target audience.

Food and beverage marketing process.

discovery is the first step in our finance marketing process


This high-level meeting sets the stage for everything. We dive into your audience, competitors, goals, previous efforts, and more.

When to rebrand your business: You're not attracting the right customers

Strategic sessions and creative co-labs

MPP takes you through workshops to draw out the knowledge inside your team. Buying triggers, barriers, motivators, messaging, and creative ideation are on the menu.

MPP offers expert finance marketing recommendations

Expert marketing recommendations

Our market and competitive research is compiled into a brief that details our preliminary marketing recommendations.

MPP puts our finance marketing expertise to work

We get to work

We optimize and analyze ongoing marketing efforts to reduce your costs, increase your conversions, and improve your campaign reach.

Grow with us.

Stop wasting marketing budget on the wrong campaigns or platforms and bring in the experts. MPP is the seasoned food and beverage marketing agency you deserve. We’ve helped brands like Founders Brewing and SpartanNash succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing retail environment. We will do the same for you. 

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