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Hotels, tourism boards, convention centers, visitors bureaus and other hospitality brands need a competitive edge. Move your marketing strategy to the penthouse with MPP and build consistent, sustainable lead generation and bookings.

More visitors, more bookings, more connection.

Drive bookings, generate awareness, and build lasting connections with visitors through thoughtful hospitality marketing strategies from MPP. Do you need captivating social media campaigns that showcase your experience? Do you need billboards to build brand or event awareness? Whatever your goal, we collaborate with you to craft plans that reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. MPP is for brands that demand results in any media, want unique ideas – not the same old same old, and are ready to collaborate. Join brands like these:

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Hospitality marketing challenges and solutions

Competition for visitor dollars is always hot, new ways to reach your audience seem to come out every day, and remaining authentic is more important than ever. How can your brand tackle these challenges? You can go it alone and take your chances, or you can choose MPP.

hospitality marketing is competitive

Increased hospitality marketing competition

Marketing your hospitality business isn’t a nice to have these days – it’s a must-have. Think of your online presence as a virtual front desk. The hotel and lodging industry faces increasing competition with property owners renting out homestays, vacation rentals, and unique lodging experiences. Moreover, new hotels with fresh concepts are entering the marketplace, adding to the already tight competition.

MPP creates full-funnel hospitality marketing strategies that attract more customers and enhance brand awareness. Be seen when people are planning vacations, honeymoons, anniversaries, or just driving through. Our full-funnel marketing strategies work hand in hand with each other, linking brand-building campaigns with more targeted advertisements. This way, when users are ready to book, you’ll be right there in front of them.

hospitality marketers spend money where it matters

Spending budget in the right places

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and brands need to adapt marketing strategies to keep up with the latest trends. But even with new technology, hot social platforms, and improved marketing tools, you must invest in strategies that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand. Determining all these factors can seem like an overwhelming task.

MPP cuts the clutter and recommends the best channels, formats, and methods to spend your marketing budget. We don’t cross our fingers and hope for the best. We take time to understand your target audience, define your message, and select the right media channels to reach them. Layered on top of this is goal setting, competitive research, measurement, and tracking. Every dollar in your budget maximizes your relevancy and exposure. When partnering with MPP, you know we’re focused on results, not trends.

hospitality marketing should be balanced

Balancing authentic brand consistency with local appeal

Hotels, tourism boards, conventions, and other hospitality associations need to strike a balance between maintaining a consistent brand identity while tailoring their marketing to appeal in each market. How do you follow brand guidelines, stay authentic to who you are, and still set yourself apart?

You need a marketing partner whose interests go beyond spending your budget and extends to all parts of your funnel. MPP offers real solutions based on research, data, and workshops. When you struggle to hone in messaging or develop fresh campaign ideas, our strategic co-labs are just the ticket.  When combatting slowing bookings or bounces, our customer journey audit helps you find and root out the problem.  We focus on solving challenges across your marketing strategy helping you stay authentic and unique.

How our hospitality marketing process works.

discovery is the first step in our finance marketing process


This high level meeting sets the stage for everything. We dive into your audience, competitors, goals, previous efforts, and more.

When to rebrand your business: You're not attracting the right customers

Strategic sessions and creative co-labs

MPP takes you through workshops to draw out the knowledge inside your team. Buying triggers, barriers, motivators, messaging, and creative ideation are on the menu.

MPP offers expert finance marketing recommendations

Expert hospitality marketing recommendations

Our market and competitive research is compiled into a brief that details our preliminary marketing recommendations.

MPP puts our finance marketing expertise to work

We get to work

We optimize and analyze ongoing marketing efforts to reduce your costs, increase your conversions, and improve your campaign reach.

Ready to talk?

Stop wasting marketing budget on the wrong campaigns or platforms. Stop jumping on the bandwagon of the shiny new trend. Bring on the experts and lets collaborate on a strategy unique to your brand that keeps it real and delivers results.

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