Advantages of local advertising 


advantages of local advertising

There’s no doubt that advertising on a national level has the potential for your brand to be in front of millions of eyeballs. But, there’s a downside – how many of these millions of people are interested in your brand or product? Chances are, only a slim percentage. Although national marketing campaigns can help build brand awareness, sometimes it’s better to start local. Local advertising campaigns reach your target audience in a more strategic way, like when they’re actively searching for your goods and services in their area. 

We’re not here to tell you that national campaigns are a waste of money – there is absolutely a time and place for these! However, businesses may be unaware of the advantages of regional or local advertising. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways advertising locally can help you stand out amongst your competition. Once you’re done reading, you may have an idea or two to add to your advertising strategy.

local advertising using traditional marketing

Traditional advertising shines locally

Local advertising can really shine when paired with traditional marketing. Big companies with big budgets might be competitive on a national scale, but locally, they won’t know your city as well as you do. Traditional marketing such as print ads in newspapers and magazines, Out-of-Home like billboards and bus shelters, broadcast TV spots, and radio all have deep roots in local communities.

If you want to incorporate traditional marketing into your strategy, starting at the local level can be a good place to test these tactics. Traditional media is often cheaper when buying in smaller, more strategic markets. For example, local TV spot costs are typically less than national spots, because the number of local impressions aired is smaller. Depending on the market and time of day, local TV channels can still reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people.

Traditional marketing methods continue to play an important role in reaching local advertising audiences and interacting with them on a personal level. There are many benefits businesses reap using traditional methods – we go over them in-depth in this article.


Local search intent personalizes SEM

If I’m searching for a new dentist on Google, I’m looking for dentists near me. So if you’re a dentist who serves the greater Grand Rapids area, it doesn’t make sense to spend your time and money marketing to clients in Los Angeles. 

Location-based SEM marketing delivers highly relevant ads to targeted areas. If you’re looking to test this strategy, Google offers some localized ad types to help you stand out.

local advertising PPC marketing
local advertising on Google Local Service ads

Google Local Service ads

One of these ad types is Google Local Service ads. These are designed for service-based businesses, like dentists, to promote their services to local customers. According to eMarketer, data shows that 66% of people want ads customized to their location. Local service ads appear above the top three results on Google Maps when customers are searching for services in your area, putting your business front and center to relevant users.

PPC ads with location extensions

Location extensions

You can also gain an edge for local keywords using PPC. Beefing up basic search ads with location extensions helps you get even more out of SEM marketing. Depending on the device, users might see your address, phone number, or a clickable call button in an ad. They could also see the city and the distance to your location. Using location-specific information works – nearly two-thirds of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location.

add local flavor to marketing

Add local flavor to PPC

PPC localization doesn’t have to stop with location extensions. There’s an opportunity to add local flavor to your PPC ad copy. Use jargon locals know. Reference locations using streets or landmarks. The zip code’s the limit!

If there’s a chance your ads may show in local queries, why not try the ideas above? Data proves time and time again that people expect relevant, personalized search results. If you’re not targeting consumers searching locally, chances are, they are visiting local businesses or national brands investing in a local advertising strategy.

Good landing pages build trust.

Boost local advertising with a local partner

Working with a knowledgeable local partner can boost your market competitiveness. While big marketing agencies may have an impressive client roster and awards under their belts, they may not be the right fit for your business needs. A local marketing agency has the advantage of living and working in your region.

Your media partner can use their local know-how to help you analyze your strategy based on the needs of your business and the needs of your target consumer. Of course, if you want to expand nationally, they can help grow your campaigns too!

Another advantage of partnering with a local agency is the network of vendors and contacts they can leverage for your benefit. Established agencies typically have ongoing relationships with radio stations, billboard companies, and television stations. These deep-rooted relationships often mean direct media contacts for questions and any troubleshooting. They also may have better pricing and exclusive deals, which stretches your budget further. 


Gain an edge with local advertising

Local advertising offers many advantages for businesses. While it’s tempting to start an advertising campaign with a huge scope, you may waste money on low-quality impressions. If you’ve always wanted to run a TV spot, tackle traditional methods that seem out of reach nationally on a local scale. Reach specific audiences with formats designed for local search intent, like Google Local Service ads and localized PPC. Gain market share by leveraging the expertise of local agencies who know the communities and audience you’re trying to reach. Everyone has local customers – why not try to reach yours?
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