Top 3 benefits of content marketing for banks


Benefits of Content Marketing for Financial Institutions

Entrusting your money to a financial institution is a vulnerable decision. So, making your customers feel safe isn’t just a “want” in this industry – it’s a necessity. You can help put potential customers at ease by establishing yourself as experts who will keep their money safe. How can you achieve that? By publishing valuable content!

Let’s take a look at content marketing for banks and credit unions. We’ll review some benefits that come with publishing and how getting your valuable content into the hands of consumers can help overcome some of your challenges, like these:

  • There’s lots of competition – and people do their research.
  • Money talk can get jargon-y and overwhelming fast.
  • In general, money can be a sensitive topic.

These issues can make the prospect of content marketing for banks seem daunting. But if done correctly, content marketing can address these pain points and effectively build your brand. Here are some of the benefits of content marketing for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions:


1. Content marketing for banks builds trust and brand awareness.

Benefits of content marketing for banks and credit unions: build trust and brand awareness.
Today, building up your online presence isn’t optional. Customers tend to do research before committing, and if they look up your bank and find dead social media profiles and a skimpy website, it may give them pause. Why should they entrust their money to you if you can’t even take the time to develop your website? On a very basic level, publishing content shows people that you’re active and engaged, and that they can trust you.
But beyond just showing customers that your business is active, publishing content also gives you a chance to establish your reputation as trusted experts. Let’s say someone is looking for information on whether to invest in a Traditional or Roth IRA and they come across an article on your website. If they come away from the article feeling like they understand the subject better, your brand has just gained some credibility with them. Whether they’re currently in-market for your services or not, there’s a good chance they’ll remember you when they are.

2. Content marekting for banks expands your reach with improved SEO.

Benefits of content marketing for banks and credit unions: expand your reach with improved SEO.

When marketing for banks, building trust with customers is crucial, but you must also build trust with another important entity: Google. And one thing Google loves to see is lots of content. By building up your content library, you can drive traffic, rank for more keywords, and build backlinks – all crucial aspects Google considers when determining your website’s rank. If customers not only see your ads out in the wild but also stumble upon your content when looking to educate themselves, you’ll be top of mind when they’re looking for financial services. 

While improving your SEO with content might not get you hot leads right away, it’s a vital part of any long-term marketing strategy. Advertising is able to bring in leads quickly, but having good SEO will help grow the awareness and consideration stages of the sales funnel. Doing both advertising and SEO work will give you the full-funnel approach that is critical for sustainable success. For more on the difference between SEO and paid search, read our article here.


3. Content marketing for banks is selling without selling.

Benefits of content marketing for banks and credit unions: sell without selling.
Being in the business of advertising, of course we’d never discount the power of paid media. But it can be powerful to supplement your advertising strategy with content that sells without selling overtly. If your entire strategy relies on paid media, people may bristle at the feeling they’re being sold to. Customers want authenticity. And writing content that educates them on the things they need to know can actually end up being a great advertisement for your brand. The irony is that not selling can be a powerful selling tool. 

A great way to approach this is by making buyer personas. What kinds of customers are you trying to reach? What are their interests, needs, and pain points?  Even if you’re not directly promoting one of your products, the goodwill you build by informing and educating will serve you well. Here are a few more ideas of how you can leverage content marketing for banks and credit unions:

  • Educational content and articles – answer common questions in a clear and straightforward manner.
  • Financial podcasts – Don’t have time to write hundreds of words? Try a weekly or monthly podcast.
  • Worksheets – Offer free budget worksheets, investment guides and the like.
  • Calculators – load up your site with interactive financial calculators to help consumers with numbers regarding buying homes, investing, retirement, college and more.
  • Trending news – if things are happening in finance that can affect your customers, share the information.

We all know finances can be a fraught topic for many people. Demystify a sensitive topic while you add value and educate consumers when you leverage content marketing for banks and credit unions. Make yourself an authority and reliable source and customers will come.

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