4 Easy Tips to Turn Hotel Lookers into Bookers: Boosting Hospitality Conversions

4 hotel advertising tips that turn lookers into bookers


In the competitive world of hotel advertising, converting website visitors into paying guests is the ultimate goal. Yet, with countless options vying for travelers’ attention, turning clicks into bookings can feel like a daunting task. But fear not, hoteliers and tourism businesses! In this post, we’ll guide you through proven strategies to boost hotel advertising conversion rates and turn website traffic into a thriving guest base. We’ll delve into optimizing landing pages, leveraging personalization, crafting compelling ad copy, and more, equipping you with the tools to turn casual browsers into enthusiastic patrons.

Hotel Advertising Conversions Tip #1: Make sure to make dedicated landing pages.

Hotel Advertising Tip #1:
Be sure to make dedicated landing pages.

Our number one and most important tip: make sure to have dedicated landing pages! We’ve written extensively about the importance of landing pages, so we won’t repeat ourselves too much (but you can read more here). To keep it brief, make sure that you’re not just dumping people at your homepage or a page that doesn’t directly connect to your ad. Landing pages should be made specifically for each campaign.

There should be no disconnect between the ad the audience sees and the page they end up on when they click on it. That means using the same imagery on the ad and the landing page, keeping the language the same, and delivering on whatever promise is made in the ad. So, if your ad shows someone relaxing in the sun by your hotel pool and offers spring break specials, you need to make sure that your landing page shows that same person relaxing in the sun by your hotel pool and offers spring break specials.

Hospitality Advertising Conversions Tip #2: Optimize, optimize, optimize!

Hotel Advertising Tip #2:
Optimize, optimize, optimize!

So, you’ve got a landing page that ties to your ad campaign – great! That puts you ahead of much of your competition…but your work isn’t over. Make sure your main site and landing pages are mobile-friendly, load quickly, and provide a seamless booking experience. Don’t let a clunky website be the deal breaker just before securing that booking! Allot a portion of your budget for  A/B tests to ensure that your campaign is performing at it’s highest level. Try different CTA’s, button colors, form placement etc.  Test one element at a time, identify the winner, implement and move on.

Hospitality Advertising Conversions Tip #3: Speak your guests’ language.

Hotel Advertising Tip #3:
Speak your guests’ language.

If you try to reach absolutely everybody, you may end up reaching almost nobody. When creating ads and landing pages, make sure you have a specific audience in mind. One great way to achieve this is by creating buyer personas.  If you don’t have personas there are other options. Identify your audience then tailor your ad copy, visuals, and offers to resonate with their specific desires, aspirations, and solve their pain points. If you can ascertain your audience’s needs, you can create ad copy that speaks to those needs, and you’ll see your conversions grow as a result.

Hospitality Advertising Conversions Tip #4: Highlight transparency.

Hotel Advertising Tip #4:
Highlight transparency.

The hospitality industry is all about anticipating the needs of guests, and the same is true when you’re advertising. One of the top needs of potential guests is transparency. This industry can sometimes have a bad reputation for harboring hidden fees – horror stories about astronomical price add-ons are everywhere! Make sure to address guests’ concerns head-on. Highlight transparent pricing, flexible cancellation policies, and any hidden fees upfront. Building trust fosters booking confidence.

Remember, successful advertising goes beyond just attracting attention. By understanding your audience, showcasing your value proposition, and removing conversion roadblocks, you can turn those clicks into happy guests and boost your bottom line.

Now go forth and conquer the online booking world!

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